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October, 2015


Hamby and Trawick publish article on Cyber Disasters October 21, 2015 — When a cyber incident does occur, a sound cyber response plan can be the difference between fending off a damaging attack with reputation intact or suffering a catastrophe to both financial and reputational bottom lines. MORE

German Cyber Security Council visits iCollege October 20, 2015 — On Monday, October 19, members from the German Cyber Security Council met with Ambassador Wanda Nesbitt (NDU Sr. Vice President), Chancellor Jan Hamby of the iCollege, and several other iCollege department chairs and cyber experts to discuss cyber education and more. MORE

Academic Partner JMU to Offer CISSP Review Course October 7, 2015 — James Madison University’s College of Business will sponsor a 10-­‐week CISSP Review Course online via Canvas beginning on January 4, 2016 featuring the recently updated 2015 CISSP material. MORE