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National Defense University Information Resources Management College Hosts Cyber Beacon Thought Leader Meeting

UNRELEASED | August 07, 2013

Washington, DC.  iCollegeThe National Defense University (NDU) Information Resources Management College, also known as the iCollege, hosted nearly 40 government, academic, and private sector leaders on 24 July 2013 for an exclusive cyber leadership education discussion.  The meeting objectives were to:

  • Identify the knowledge and skills required by leaders in today’s cyberspace era;
  • Discuss what government leaders need to know about cyber to address strategic issues in an unpredictable and complex world;
  • Outline what is currently taught about cyberspace, clarify the gaps that exist in current cyberspace-related curricula, and chart a path to fill the gaps; and
  • Discuss additional cyberspace programs/projects, including those with the private sector, which may be needed to ensure that U.S. government organizations meet the demand for well-educated leaders.

The NDU iCollege Chancellor and Deputy to the NDU President for Cyber & Information, Dr. Robert D. Childs, kicked off the invitation-only meeting with remarks about the importance of developing cyber leaders.  According to Childs, “Cyber is a team sport, and the technical workforce and senior leaders need to have a shared understanding of cyber.  That’s where the iCollege comes in.” Childs chronicled establishment of the iCollege’s cyber laboratories, certificate programs, and international outreach efforts.  Major General Brett Williams, USAF, US CYBERCOM J3 discussed the need for freedom to maneuver in cyberspace while protecting against risks and vulnerabilities. 

Two panels then discussed current government cyber education efforts and how the private sector retains their cyber workforce.  Faculty members led break-out sessions regarding cyber education to help the college enhance its industry-leading Cyber Security and Cyber Leadership certificate programs.  Other keynote speakers included Melissa Hathaway (Hathaway Consulting), Bruce McConnell (Acting Deputy Undersecretary for Cyber, Department of Homeland Security), and Michael Daniel (U.S. Cybersecurity Coordinator).  Mr. Daniel discussed the “new normal” of living in a cyber era and how cyber crosses boundaries  relatively fluidly.  Daniel mentioned the need for Congress to pass cyber legislation and for government to educate its leaders in a broad set of cyber skills.  Patricia Coopersmith, NDU iCollege Director of Outreach & International Relations, closed the meeting by stating, “Universities have a key role to play in cyber by bridging the gap between concepts and practice, between theory and reality.  The iCollege is an amazing cyber education resource for the DoD, government agencies, private sector, and international leaders.”  The college hopes to host additional thought leader sessions in the near future.