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National Defense University iCollege Cyber Expert Leads International Security and Counter Terrorism Forum in Jakarta

UNRELEASED | April 12, 2011

Professor Gilliam Duvall, Chair of the Information Operations and Assurance Department and lead faculty member of the National Defense University iCollege’s course on “Cyber Terrorism and Cyber Crime” recently participated in the first ever Jakarta International Defense Dialogue (JIDD), 23-25 March 2011. Hosted by the Ministry of Defense, Republic of Indonesia and organized by the Indonesian Defense University, the JIDD created a forum to foster international cooperation to meet common perceived threats in defense and national security as well as promote relations in exploring defense in terms of policy, theory, practice, and implementation.

Following opening of the proceedings by the President of the Republic of Indonesia, distinguished speakers from the host nation, ASEAN, NATO, and ministers of other nations, presented topics surrounding international security frameworks and strategies for enhancing transparency, cooperation, and coordination to delegates from more than 35 countries. Prof. Duvall moderated panel discussions in the conference’s Security and Counter Terrorism track. The first panel dealt with as assessment of the global threat and efforts to strengthen regional and national security and stability. The second panel presented issues surrounding public and private sector innovation and technology to protect critical national infrastructure, such as airports, sea ports, telecommunications, and energy systems. One of the key insights presented by the panelists was the need to apply lessons learned from past counter terrorist efforts to our current counter terrorism actions. History tells us that in most cases there is not a single nationalist policy solution capable of handling transnational terrorist threats. Counter terrorist operations are most successful when policies of nations work together to share threat intelligence on a global scale.

The day prior to the JIDD conference, Prof. Duvall was invited to join the faculty and staff of The Indonesian Defense University, members of the Republic of Indonesia Ministry of Defense, and representatives from several other ministries in discussions surrounding cyber definitions, cyberspace as a new operational domain, the nature of asymmetric threats to cyber operations, and to introduce his newly-developed academic theory, “The ART of Cyber Security.” Prof. Duvall relates, “The ART of Cyber Security” involves a new way of examining three basic concepts for operating securely in cyberspace. It combines technology, command and control processes, and diplomacy in a fashion that is critical to successful transnational cyber collaboration.” Professor Duvall continues to be a key member of the NDU iCollege team and can be reached at .

Information about Upcoming Regional Event - 26-28 September 2011 (Bangkok, Thailand):

“NDU International Alumni Seminar and 2ND Annual International Cyber Conference”- On 26 Sept, the NDU International Student Management Office (ISMO) will host a 1-day alumni seminar for graduates of NDU’s international programs. The event provides an opportunity to reconnect with fellow alumni serving as military and counterterrorism leaders in the region and to participate in continuing education sessions on regional security issues by alumni and faculty experts. The event will carry over into the Cyber Conference where specific alumni sessions will focus on the merger of cyber and security topics. On 27-28 Sept, as a follow-up to the very successful cyber event in Singapore (July 2010), the NDU iCollege will invite high-level government and private sector speakers to provide critical cyber information in key areas: cyber policy, information security, cloud computing, etc. Panels will discuss Public/Private Partnerships, international Cyber collaboration, and the global Cyber landscape.