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US Cyber Command Deputy Commander Speaks on Cyber Challenges at the NDU iCollege

UNRELEASED | February 29, 2012

Washington, DC, February 29, 2012 - Today’s rainy weather did not dampen the spirits of National Defense University (NDU) iCollege faculty, staff, and students as they listened to Lieutenant General Robert E. Schmidle, Jr., USMC, Deputy Commander of US Cyber Command as he spoke during an unclassified lecture for the school’s

Distinguished Lecture Program (DLP).

LtGen Schmidle relayed to the audience that there is constant work being done to “Defend and protect the networks, look for malware to stop infiltration, and block suspicious devices from bring systems down. We’re watching nation states and ‘hacktivists’ all of the time.” He said when it comes to email traffic it is important to “look and watch for behavior that does not fit the norm – if it looks strange, don’t open it, and do delete it.”

LtGen Schmidle talked about three main cyber threats:
1) Exploitation (spying),
2) Disruption / Denial of Service,
3) Protecting critical infrastructure networks/SCADA.

In his closing remarks he addressed what it means to be a cyber leader and what he believes the government needs to do to grow leaders for the future. His message included, “As leaders, we don’t lose sight of who we’re trying to influence, and what we’re aiming to achieve. We must think operationally, tactically, and strategically. Add cyber into the equation and everything we do is at a greater speed… nano-seconds. Today, things happen fast, and the notion of time to accomplish everything we want to do is a constant. We need to think of how technology can be used to give us back time for strategizing and reflecting. LtGen Schmidle took several questions from the audience to end the session.

The NDU iCollege hosts DLPs to provide continuing education for faculty/staff and outside, expert perspectives for its students. Please visit the college’s website ( to learn more about its Cyber and other programs.