Student Registration

Course Offering Schedule

AY 2018 Schedule of Courses (Fall)

CIC Enrollment Procedure
Once accepted into an academic program, students will receive an admission letter with instructions to access different systems in the college such as Blackboard and Google.  To register for courses they must complete the Course Request Form (PDF).  

Registration Periods
Registration opens prior to the term start period on the dates below and will close on the Friday prior to the Course Start Date (CSD).

Registration Opens Course Offerings
July 1, 2017 November 2017 - February 2018
November 1, 2017 March - June, 2018
March 1, 2018 July - October 2018

Confirmation of Enrollment & Contact Information Validation
Students who successfully register for a course offering will receive an email confirmation to their email address of record.

Intensive Program Courses are available in two different formats:

Intensive courses are offered either through a blended model or by distributed learning (DL) for students around the globe.

eResident Format
The eResident format uses a blended model in which students and faculty engage in both online and resident activities that ensure high quality interaction and feedback, student learning and assessment, and academic rigor. Each offering of five (5) weeks consists of four (4) components: PREPARATION, SEMINAR, SYNTHESIS, and ASSESSMENT.

  • PREPARATION: The first week of an eResident course is an asynchronous DL lesson. Students begin by signing in to Bb, retrieving their readings, assignments, and other course instructions. During this PREPARATION week of virtual engagement, students complete the assigned readings, participate in activities, and prepare the assignments due no later than the following Monday when they attend the SEMINAR week in residence. Students who are not prepared for the seminar cannot receive lesson credit toward the final course grade. See the CIC Schedule of Course Offerings for beginning and ending dates of courses.
  • SEMINAR:Immediately following the one-week PREPARATION DL lesson, students attend a five-day in-residence SEMINAR. During this full-time week of SEMINAR, students and faculty participate in an interactive learning environment in CIC classrooms at Ft. Lesley J. McNair in Washington, D.C. The SEMINAR is conducted from 8 to 5 Monday through Friday, with homework often assigned to prepare for the next day’s lessons.
  • SYNTHESIS:In the week immediately following the SEMINAR, students and faculty engage virtually in a one-week asynchronous DL lesson designed to synthesize learning and prepare students for the follow-on graded final assessment.
  • ASSESSMENT:Students enrolled for certificate/graduate credit must complete an end-of-course ASSESSMENT, typically a substantive paper or project. Students may engage virtually with the faculty and/or other students as appropriate on this assessment for two and one-half (2 ½) weeks after the last day of the SEMINAR. Normally assessments are due no later than the Monday, 2 ½ weeks after the last day of the SEMINAR (as noted as the last day of the course offering in the schedule).

Distributed Learning (DL) 
The Distributed Learning (DL) format engages students and faculty virtually in preparation, seminar, synthesis, and assessment over 12 weeks via Bb. Students enrolled for certificate/graduate credit must complete an end-of-course assessment typically consisting of a substantive paper or project that allows students to demonstrate their mastery of the intended learning outcomes. To receive credit for a course, students must be actively engaged virtually in every DL lesson as assigned by faculty. Assessments are due no later than the Monday following the 12th week, as specified in the schedule of course offerings. See the CIC Schedule of Course Offerings for beginning and ending dates of courses.

Course Credits
Effective the 2011-2012 AY, all CIC eResident and Distance Learning Courses award 3 graduate credit hours.  Courses taken by students in other colleges through the NDU electives system are awarded 2 graduate credit hours for eResident courses and 3 hours for DL courses.