The NDU iCollege offers six* graduate-level Certificate Programs to educate and prepare selected military and civilian leaders to develop and implement cyberspace strategies for national and global security.  iCollege certificate programs are focused on Information, Information Technology, Cyberspace Leadership and Security, IT Acquisition and Architecture, IT Program Management, and Financial Management.  Graduate certificates can be completed in eighteen (18) credits hours.  Click on the below links for more information on available certificates.

Chief Financial Officer Leadership (CFO) - No longer accepting applications

Chief Information Officer (CIO) - No longer accepting applications

Cyber Security (Cyber S) (sunsetting 4011/4012/4015/4016 certificates in 2016/17) - No longer accepting applications

Cyber Leadership (Cyber L) - No longer accepting applications

Enterprise Architecture (EA) - No longer accepting applications/in teach-out mode

Information Technology Program Management (ITPM) - No longer accepting applications

(*Both the EA and the Cyber S programs offer nested certificates that are less than 18 credit hours. Students progressively complete these lower level certificates to earn the primary certificate.)

iCollege certificate programs are accepted at over 30 U.S. academic partner universities for 9-to-15 graduate credits toward select Master’s and Doctoral degrees.  See our Academic Partner webpage for more information.  

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