Government Information Leadership Master of Science Degree Program

The Master of Science in Government Information Leadership (GIL) Degree Program is a selective program that addresses the educational needs of defense and government leaders who seek to lead complex and diverse 21st Century organizations. Participants from across defense and other federal, state, and local government organizations create a learning community hallmarked by partnerships, information sharing, and network synergies.

Goals of the Degree Program

Successful graduates of the Master of Science in Government Information Leadership will be able to:

  • Employ information and information technology for strategic advantage
  • Evaluate the role, challenges, and opportunities of their organizations within the context of cyber, homeland, national, and global security
  • Apply critical, strategic, ethical, and innovative thinking to achieve results-oriented organizational goals
  • Collaborate across boundaries to leverage talent, resources, and opportunities to achieve mission outcomes and stretch vision
  • Create resilient, adaptable, agile, and productive government organizations focused on national security in the Information Age
  • Lead Information Age government organizations
  • Commit to lifelong development of self and others as reflective learners
  • Communicate at the strategic level demonstrating command of the topic, logical organization, compelling argument, and excellence in English grammar and syntax.

Curriculum and Degree Concentrations

The 36 credit curriculum of the GIL Degree offers a combination of information management, technology, and leadership intensive courses in a collaborative and interactive environment. Students select the concentration area, which correspond to the College’s certificate programs, at the time of admission. Concentration areas include:

A complete listing of Master of Science concentration descriptions and courses can be found immediately following this section. For current offerings, students should consult the NDU CIC Schedule of Course Offerings All coursework applied toward a M.S. degree must be completed within seven years of degree completion.