Cyber Beacon

Cyber Beacon is the flagship event of the National Defense University's College of Information and Cyberspace (NDU CIC). The conference brings together cyber experts from across the national security community, private sector, and academia to discuss the most pressing problems concerning cyberspace and national security. This year's theme is "decision making in cyberspace" and there are five sessions; deterrence, law and authorities, innovative collaboration, information and disinformation, and cyberspace graduate education.

Cyber Beacon V will be held on Wednesday 19 and Thursday 20 September 2018 at the NDU campus on Fort McNair in Washington, DC. Attendance is by invitation only, there is no cost to attend the event, and space is limited. While the conference is unclassified, there are optional classified breakout sessions during lunch.

Confirmed speakers include General Paul Nakasone (Commander of US Cyber Command and Director of the National Security Agency), Rear Admiral Dave Dermanelian (Commander of Coast Guard Cyber Command), Lieutenant General (Ret.) Rhett Hernandez (first Commander of US Army Cyber Command), Jay Healey (noted scholar of cyber conflict), Rear Admiral (Ret.) Jan Hamby (Chancellor Emerita of NDU CIC), Zach Lemnios (IBM Vice President of Physical Sciences & Government Programs), Thomas Wingfield, Esquire (cyber law expert and acting Chancellor of the NDU CIC), Dr. Hy Rothstein (Director of the DoD IO Center for Research), Kevin Keaton (Chief Innovation Officer at the National Security Agency), Colonel Gary Corn (Staff Judge Advocate for US Cyber Command), Captain Sean Heritage (Managing Partner of DIUx), JD Maddox (Senior Technology Advisor at Department of State's Global Engagement Center), LtCol Mark Reith (Director of the Center for Cyber Research at the Air Force Institute of Technology), Gabriel Taran (DHS Assistant General Counsel for Cybersecurity), Dr. Carl Horn (Director of the School of Joint Strategic Studies at CIC), Dr. Cynthia Irvine (first Chair of the Cyber Academic Group at the Naval Postgraduate School), John Petrik (Editor of the Cyber Wire), Brigadier General (Ret.) Jack Pellicci (Chairman of the NDU Foundation), and Paul de Souza (Founder of the Cyber Security Forum Initiative).

The NDU Foundation is supporting this conference with catering, reception, and industry information tables. Photos from Cyber Beacon IV can be viewed here. Parking and transportation information can be found here. Check back here for additional updates.

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