CIC CIO LDP Spring 2024 Class,

On behalf of the Chancellor, Dr. Cassandra Lewis- Congratulations on your selection to attend the College of Information and Cyberspace, Chief Information Officer Leadership Development Program!

1.  You should have received your official admissions letter from the Office of Student Services.

2.  First Day of Class: The first day of the program will be on Wednesday, 17 January 2024. You should report to Fort McNair, Marshall Hall, room 152 NLT 8:00am.

3.  Attendance and Academic Expectations: Reminder that this is a 14 week in-resident/on campus program. 

  • The program duration runs from 17 January 2024 - 26 April 2024. You can expect to be on campus most days Monday through Friday from around 8:30am to as late as 5:00pm. 
  • You will have some days set aside for Reading and Research, but you should expect to spend at least 2 hours of studying a night and several additional hours on the weekends.
  • Due to this intense schedule missing any coursework makes it tough to catch up. You must request approval to be absent through the Dean of Students. Only absolute emergencies will be approved. 

4.  Student Dress Code: CIC has 4 Student Uniforms; the normal student attire unless otherwise specified is business casual.

(2-3 times per month, usually on a Wednesday)
Military Class A uniform 

Suit and Tie. Equivalent attire for women.

Closed collared Class B's (with tie) Long-sleeve, button-down shirt, jacket, dress pants, and dress shoes. Equivalent attire for women.
Open collared Class B's Long-sleeve, button-down shirt, jacket, dress pants, and dress shoes. Equivalent attire for women.
(normally on Fridays)
Polo typically with CIC Logo and dress pants


5.  Program Expectations: The is an Academically rigorous program (15 graduate credits in 14 weeks).

  • NDU/CIC is a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) campus. Students need a laptop or tablet with a recent operating system that has the most current available updates, suitable anti-malware protection and full-featured productivity software. For more information on Bring Your Own Device, please visit our website at
  • Establish a dedicated work area at home that allows you the privacy and space to work without frequent distractions.
  • Blackboard (Bb) is the principal learning tool; Blackboard has plenty of tutorials and the NDU Library staff will offer virtual learning sessions throughout the year.
  • Virtual Learning: This program will be primarily in person, but should the need arise for virtual learning you will be notified by the course faculty. 

6.  In the upper right side of this page, there are several useful links to help guide you as you prepare for arrival.


Again, congratulations on your acceptance into the program; welcome to the NDU CIC and best wishes towards your academic success.