Frequently Asked Questions



What is a graduate certificate?

A "graduate certificate" is not a technical or industry "certification". Graduate certificates are awarded to those who complete a graduate certificate program at a regionally accredited graduate school after completing a certain number of graduate school courses and earning the requisite amount of graduate credits. Some people refer to a graduate certificate as a "mini masters" since it usually takes about half the time and credits to achieve than a full Masters Degree. The standards to earn such a certificate depend on the school and program.

I've seen CIC referred to as the "Cyber War College". What is a "War College"?

War colleges, in the American context, are institutions that award Joint Professionals Military Education (JPME) Phase II credit to eligible US military officers. The JPME Phase II education is an important milestone in the career of a senior military leader, which is focused on strategic thought. Attendees are centrally selected by their military service or organization (in the case of interagency civilian employees, for example). Senior service colleges such as the Army War College and Naval War College have given focus areas such as land or maritime domain warfare. Given the CIC name and mission, we are commonly referred to as the "Cyber War College" because we offer a JPME Phase II program focused on the cyberspace domain. 

How do I access the campus?

As an active US military base, Fort McNair is accessible by those with a valid DoD Common Access Card (CAC). Others must be processed through the Visitor Control Center at the 2nd street gate. Accessing NDU buildings on Fort McNair requires a valid NDU access card. Guests must coordinate with a current member of the NDU community to gain access. More details can be found here.

Is there a CIC Hall of Fame?

There was a Hall of Fame program underway during 2012-2016 in the Information Resources Management College (IRMC), the predecessor of the CIC. The CIC does not currently have an active Hall of Fame program. More information about the IRMC Hall of Fame and its members can be found here.

Why did the Information Resources Management College (IRMC) change to the College of Information and Cyberspace (CIC)?

The Joint Staff requested the update and it was confirmed by law in the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). The update reflects our need to respond to an evolving national security environment. The renaming to the CIC acknowledges the prioritization of addressing information and cyberspace related challenges.