Dear Class of 2022,

Congratulations on your acceptance into the National Security and Cyberspace Studies Program at the College of Information and Cyberspace (CIC), the most cutting-edge war college within the National Defense University (NDU).  This program combines a senior-level Joint Professional Military Education program with a rigorous Master of Science degree in Government Information Leadership.


All incoming CIC students should take a moment to review the CIC Welcome Letter and Student Handbook:



In addition, if you have not already done so, please read through the NDU Incoming Student Information webpage and the below incoming student webpage applicable to you:  



Prior to your arrival there are a number of on-boarding requirements that need to be met. For details on these requirements please see below:

1. All students should complete the Name Tag Request Form with your "go by/preferred" name and return no later that 09 July 2021. Submission instructions can be found at the bottom of the form.

2. U.S. Students (military and civilian) students should pass their security clearances to the NDU Security Office. More information on how to accomplish this task can be found on the Incoming Civilian Students or Incoming Military Students webpages.

3. All U.S. students (military and civilian) are also responsible for completing the NDU Information Assurance Compliance Requirement no later than 26 July 2021. Please complete all required information on either the Civilian Students or the Military Students webpage. Please note, an NDU email, Blackboard, and Microsoft O365 accounts cannot be issued until you have met this requirement. 

4. Civilian students should email (ENCRYPTED ONLY), transmit via DOD SAFE, or hand-deliver a copy of their immunization records to Mr. Don Myers in NDU's Health/Fitness Office. See "Transmitting PII and Sensitive Data" for guidance. This requirement should be accomplished prior to 02 August 2021.

5. Prior to in-processing, military students must verify that their Medical Readiness is up-to-date, including their annual PHA (Periodic Health Assessment), annual Dental Exam, and biannual HIV. As a reminder, all military students must meet their services’ weight and/or fitness standards. For information concerning the Tricare North Region please call (800) 444-5445, or visit their website at


Again, congratulations on your acceptance into the program; welcome to the NDU CIC and best wishes towards your academic success.