CIC Class of 2024,

Congratulations on your selection to attend the College of Information and Cyberspace the most cutting-edge war college within the National Defense University (NDU).  This program combines a senior-level Joint Professional Military Education program with a rigorous Master of Science in Strategic Information and Cyberspace Studies.

Your selection to attend this joint education program at NDU recognizes your potential for significant future contributions to your service, agency, and nation.  We know you will find the experience intellectually challenging, professional rewarding, and personally satisfying.  In addition to the rigor of the academic program, you will also have the opportunity to interact with colleagues from across the U.S. government, international partners, and the joint force.  NDU alums worldwide cite these professional and personal linkages as a highlight of this unique experience.

1.  While the current class is still being finalized we are expecting 59 students (22 US Military Officers, 18 International Officers, 11 Non-DOD Agency fellows, and 8 DOD Agency fellows).

2.  I want to bring your attention to THREE specific administrative requirements that I need your cooperation in completing PRIOR TO ARRIVAL:

  • 7 July:   Please submit your student Name tag Request Information. 
  • 14 July:   Pass security clearances to NDU Security office (U.S students must have an active Top Secret/SCI with eligibility through 13 June 2024). 
  • 21 July:   IA Compliance.  Don't do this before 17 June or you will end up needing to redo this during the Academic Year.

3.  All students should complete the Name Tag Request Form with your "go by/preferred" name and return NO LATER THAN 7 JULY 2023. Submission instructions can be found at the bottom of the form.

4.  U.S. Students (military and civilian) should pass their security clearances to the NDU Security Office. More information on how to accomplish this task can be found on the Incoming Civilian Students or Incoming Military Students webpages.  Multiple lessons and local field studies will be at the TS/SCI level.

5.  All U.S. students (military and civilian) are also responsible for completing the NDU Information Assurance Compliance Requirement NO LATER THAN 21 JULY 2023. Please complete all required information on either the Civilian Students or the Military Students webpage.  Please note, an NDU email, Blackboard, and Microsoft O365 accounts cannot be issued until you have met this requirement.  International Fellows, the International Office will take care of these requirements for you.

6.  For all U.S. military students, your report date is between 31 July and 3 August before 1200 (If you are considering an earlier arrival, contact your respective service chair).  You will attend a 2 hour pre-briefing and uniform is Class B's.  Please bring the required documents as listed on the incoming student page (Orders, leave form, and printed Form 2875).  Once you sign in and complete the pre-briefing, you will be placed back out on pass or leave. There are no mandatory attendance requirements until 7 August (time and location TBD), but ensure you have taken care of medical and dental checkups prior to your arrival.

Contact Service Chair →

7.  For all U.S. civilian students, your first required day of attendance is 7 August (time and location TBD), though you are encouraged to arrive during one of the military dates to work through all IT, IA Compliance, and other requirements.  Ensure your security clearances are passed to NDU security NLT 15 July.  Also try to get as much of the other in-processing requirements - like immunizations - complete prior to 1 August.  The link for more detailed instructions for civilian students is

Contact Agency/Department Chair →

8.   International Fellows we look forward to meeting you 1 August on CIC’s first day of class.  Please take your initial in-processing instructions from the International Student Management Office for events in June and July.

9.  Student Attire. CIC has 4 Student Uniforms, the normal student attire is "business casual"

Military Class A uniform and civilians in Suit and Tie
(equivalent attire for women).
Long-sleeve, button-down shirt, jacket, dress pants, and dress shoes, and equivalent attire for women, military can wear closed collared Class B’s (with Tie).  
Long-sleeve, button-down shirt, jacket, dress pants, and dress shoes, and equivalent attire for women, military can wear open collared Class B’s.
Polo typically with CIC Logo and dress pants
(normally on Fridays).


10.  Leave/ Pass Expectations:  All students should take any leave they find necessary prior to 4 August. Once the school year begins, all students should plan on attending classes each day, Monday through Friday. A large majority of learning occurs during interactions in the classroom; so any requested absence from class is not normally permitted.  Your opportunity to take leave or obtain a pass will be limited to normal weekends, federal holidays (three/ four day weekends), the Thanksgiving holidays and the Winter break (two weeks).  Leave requests outside of these windows will typically be denied, with the exception of emergency leave.

11.  In the upper right side of this page, there are several useful links to help guide you as you prepare for arrival.

12.  Please contact COL Jonathan Beasley, the Dean of Students.

Contact Dean of Students →

Again, congratulations on your acceptance into the program; welcome to the NDU CIC and best wishes towards your academic success.