Completion and Records


Application for Graduate Program Completion (PDF)
Transcript Request Form 

Graduation and Program Completion

The College holds the annual commencement exercise in April, and those who complete programs throughout the year are eligible to attend. Ceremonial certificates are mailed to the home address of students who do not attend the ceremony. 

Students who are attempting to complete their programs within two months prior to graduation exercises in April are advised to work closely with their advisor and course instructors to ensure they meet requirements in time for graduation. Students may use the program requirements of the catalog in force at the time of his or her initial acceptance, or the student may choose to fulfill the requirements of the current catalog. 

Completion Procedures 

Students of the CIC who have completed certificate program requirements must complete and return an “Application or Certificate Completion” by email directly to the CIC. (Exception: Candidates for a Master of Science Degree should consult the M.S. Program academic advisor regarding graduation procedures.)

To officially graduate the program, the student must:

  1. Be admitted in the academic program(s) he or she intends to complete.
  2. Complete all course requirements. (The student may use the program requirements of the catalog in force at the time of his or her initial acceptance, or the student may choose to fulfill the requirements of the current catalog.)
  3. Verify final grades are accurate (view unofficial transcript). (A passing grade for all applicable certificate courses must be posted to the student’s transcript to be eligible for program completion. An ineligible applicant will not be processed for completion and the student must reapply when all coursework has been successfully completed and posted.)
  4. Complete and submit the Application for Graduate Program Completion (PDF) form.

*If there are questions regarding the requirements for graduation, contact the CIC's academic advisor. 

After the student’s transcript has been validated, the certificate name and completion date will be noted on the student’s official transcript and the Office of Student Services will send a ‘program completion letter’ signed by the Senior Director to the student’s home address on record.

The date noted in the program completion letter or official transcript is the official completion date. Dates on certificates awarded at the College’s graduation ceremony reflect the ceremony date and should not be used for reporting purposes. 

Records Maintenance 

The CIC maintains hard copy and electronic records as required for all prospective, current, and past students. Current students are responsible for ensuring their current biographic and demographic information is correct in the Student Information System to assist the CIC in meeting Federal and Department of Defense directives and reporting requirements.

NDU Transcript Requests

Student academic records are classified as confidential and may be released only with the student's written authorization and signature, in accordance with the Privacy Act of 1974.


Two types of transcripts are available from the National Defense University, as described below.

Official Transcripts: An official transcript is a certified copy of student's permanent academic record that displays all courses taken at NDU and includes all grades received and is issued by the University Registrar. Official university transcripts are printed on purple SCRIP-SAFE security paper with the name of the university printed in white typed across the face of the document and does not require a raised seal. When photocopied, the word COPY appears prominently across the face of the entire document.

Official Transcript Request Process: Students must request transcripts through the University Registrar’s Office. Transcripts may be obtained by going to the Registrar website HERE.

(The NDU CIC staff cannot request or print official NDU transcripts for a student.)

Unofficial Transcripts An unofficial transcript is an uncertified copy of the student's academic record. Unofficial university transcripts display all courses taken at NDU and include all grades received, but do not include the university seal, the signature of the registrar, or the name of the university.

Unofficial Transcript Request Process: Students who are unable to access the university database system to print unofficial transcripts may request them through the University Registrar’s Office HERE.