Eligibility Changes

I have recently switched jobs. Do I need to update my student record to reflect this change?
If a student’s eligibility changes, they must notify the CIC Office of Student Services immediately. Please complete a Student Employer Change Form (PDF) and submit it via email to CICOSS@ndu.edu. Upon receipt, your record will be updated accordingly. Please note, you may be asked to provide additional documentation (i.e. a new CIC Employment Verification & Recommendation Form) if deemed necessary.
I recently changed jobs and I am no longer a Department of Defense (Civilian or Military) employee. Will I now have to pay tuition?
If you are switching from a DoD status (Civilian or Military) to a Non-DoD Government/Private Sector Organization, you will be subject to CIC’s tuition fees for any courses taken after your eligibility changed. Please review the CIC Fees and Payment Instructions HERE for more information.
I am planning to retire from the Government/Private Industry/Military soon. Will I still be able to continue taking courses at the CIC?
Student program enrollment is contingent on having a current/active Government Affiliation. If a student retires from their current employer before completing their program(s) and will not be seeking employment with another Government affiliated organization (DoD, Non-DoD, Private Sector, etc) then the student must submit a CIC Program Withdrawal Form. To download a copy of the “CIC Program Withdrawal Form” click HERE.