International Students

Non-U.S. citizens who are members of defense agencies of other countries must apply through their governments. Applications should be in the form of an education and training request for approval and processing through the appropriate Security Assistance Training Field Activity (SATFA) country program manager, who should forward the request to:

SATFA Contact:
950 Jefferson Ave.,
Fort Eustis, Va.

In addition to the SATFA application process, students must submit a CIC student application, available on the CIC website. International students must demonstrate comprehension through listening, reading, and general grammar structures via the Defense Language Institute’s English Comprehension Level (ECL) Exam with a score of at least 85 prior to acceptance. Students will take the exam in their home country. Because of the seminar-based activelearning model used in this program, oral communication skills are critical. The NDU CIC reserves the right to administer the ECL exam after the student arrives per AR 12-15, the Joint Security Assistance Training (JSAT) regulation, Section 10, if English comprehension is in question. International students should also possess basic competencies in the use of personal computers.

English Language Proficiency

ECL or TOEFL scores (as necessary). Applicants whose native language is not English are required to demonstrate their English proficiency by passing an English comprehension test with either an ECL of 85 or TOEFL of 213 (computer based), unless their university degree is from an institution where the curriculum was taught exclusively in English. Contact the NDU CIC Office of Student Services for further details.