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NDU CIC Office of Student Services
The NDU CIC Office of Student Services (OSS) is located in Room 145 Marshall Hall. Students should consult the OSS for assistance with admissions, registration, course management, tuition processing, and online student information system operations. Office hours are 0700-1500. The Office of Student Services can be reached by phone at (202) 685-6300 and by e-mail at

Disability Support
The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) provides civil rights protection for persons with disabilities. This legislation guarantees a learning environment that provides for reasonable accommodation for students with disabilities. If you believe you have a disability requiring an accommodation, please contact the NDU CIC Office of Student Services - 202.685.6300 or

Directions to Fort McNair
Ft. McNair Campus Fort Lesley J. McNair 
300 5th Avenue,
Washington, DC 20319

Which Gate to Enter: There are two post entry points: 1) The Main Gate (on P Street, at stoplight) for vehicles with a DoD ID, 2) the Visitor’s Gate (at 2nd Street SW) for any vehicle. Student’s DoD (military and civilian) or Government photo ID (state issued driver’s license). DC area and facility badges (like NCR, MDW and your student badge) are not valid.

Post Security Inspection: Vehicles may be searched and are mandatory for some and random for all. If directed to report for a vehicle search, you must comply. All personal belongings brought into this post are subject to search.

Students must show valid ID at the Marshall Hall Guard Desk upon entering Marshall Hall and wear ID badges in a visible place while participating in CIC courses. The Guard Desk can be reached at (202) 685-3766. All personal property should be secured at all times. Do not leave purses or wallets in the classroom during breaks. Do not leave personal articles and clothing in the building overnight.

Class Hours
Classes start at 0800 and end by 1700 each day. Breaks are scheduled throughout the day. Students are expected to be prompt and prepared for all classes.

The Washington, DC area has a number of public transportation options.
Information can be found at the following links:

Lost and Found
Report or turn in lost/found articles to the security guard on duty in the building where the article was lost/found. If theft of an item is suspected, first check to see if it has been turned in to the security guard. If not, notify the CIC Office of Student Services, the NDU Security Office, and the Fort McNair military police (MPs). After the MPs complete their report, the case is turned over to Fort Myer for investigation. When the investigation is completed, a claim can be made against the government. Government claims require two estimates of loss with the Standard Form (SF) 95 when filing at the Fort Myer Claims Office (703) 696-0761. In general, the government will not pay a claim unless the property was secured at the time it was stolen.

Inclement Weather
When adverse weather conditions in the Washington, DC area necessitate closing federal offices, the University will also close. Students should call (202) 685-4700 from an off-campus phone to obtain guidance. Press option #2 at the voice menu. Alternately, students can check the OPM website at: In instances when the CIC is closed or has a two-hour delay, students should check with their instructors via Blackboard or email to determine whether alternate course plans will be implemented.

NDU Library
The NDU Library is a world-class academic library with a full range of resources and services, and a staff dedicated to ensuring that all students achieve academic success. It is a 24/7 virtual library with branches in Washington, D.C. and Norfolk, VA. The Washington, D.C. Library is located in Marshall Hall.

Library Website – on campus:

Library Website – off campus: Use the “NDU Libraries” tab in Blackboard

Hours: Monday-Thursday, 0700-1800; Friday 0700-1500 Location: 2nd and 3rd Floors Marshall Hall
Telephone: 202-685-3511

The Library is customer-oriented with high levels of service. Students all have access to ask-a-librarian, a virtual reference service that connects students to research assistance. Service to students emphasizes instruction on conducting independent research with the expert guidance of reference librarians, which allows students to explore the breadth of information on a topic and benefit from the discovery process. Librarians seek to instill information skills to develop effective search strategies, evaluate information sources critically, synthesize selected sources into personal knowledge, and use information effectively in scholarship. In addition, students have borrowing privileges to make use of the Library’s extensive collections of print, audio-visual, and electronic resources. On-campus students have the opportunity to attend a library orientation program that introduces them to the wealth of resources. A variety of additional research classes can be taught online. Contact the Library to inquire about course offerings.

The Libraries house over 500,000 books, periodicals, and government documents. Subjects include national
security strategy, cybersecurity, information and information technology, leadership, military history, homeland
security, international affairs, warfare, foreign relations, military strategy and operations as well as many others. Blackboard accounts provide access to virtual collections including 100+ subscription databases covering an array of research topics, 20,000+ electronic journals, newspapers, dissertations, and magazines, and 125,000+ ebooks, many of them downloadable.

Special Collections
Archives and History. Located on the upper level of the library, Special Collections, Archives and History is the repository for personal papers, the NWC archives, student papers, lectures, rare books, local history, photographs, maps, prints and artifacts. The personal papers of twentieth-century military and diplomatic leaders, primarily those of former Chairmen and Vice- Chairmen, JCS, Supreme Allied Commanders, and other Combatant Commanders are collected. Papers of former Chairman, JCS, include those of Generals : Lyman L. Lemnitzer, Richard Myers, Peter Pace, Colin Powell, John Shalikashvili, Henry Shelton, Maxwell D. Taylor, John Vessey, and Admiral Mike Mullen. The SACEUR papers include those of Generals Andrew Goodpaster, Bernard Rogers, John Galvin, George Joulwan, Wesley Clark,and Admiral James Stavridis. Exhibits which support the curriculum and special events, as well as artwork, are organized by Special Collections. A resource for the history of Ft. McNair, the staff provides tours of the post and research support from the local history collections. Please call 685-3957/3969 for additional information.

Classified Documents Center (CDC)
The library’s Classified Documents Center is located in Marshall Hall, Room 316. Proper clearance and positive identification are required to enter and use materials and services. Online networks (Intelink-TS and SIPRnet), secure meeting spaces, and storage boxes are available. Hours of operation are Monday-Thursday, 0730-1600; Friday, 0730- 1500. Please call 685-3771 for more information.

One-stop Web access provides timely information on  military affairs, international relations, and security studies. MERLN contains the most comprehensive collection of Defense White Papers and national security strategies available on the Web with contributions from more than 85 countries. MERLN features the Military Policy Awareness Links (MiPALs), custom-made research guides created by the Library staff on topics such as Cybersecurity, National Security Strategy, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, and Terrorism. Each MiPAL offers U.S. policy statements supplemented by the latest collection of articles, reports, and analysis of U.S. policy options from a global network of think tanks. Additionally, MERLN hosts the U.S. National Strategy Documents, an in- depth collection that includes National Security Strategies dating from the Reagan Administration to the present day, Military and Defense Strategies, and Quadrennial Defense Review reports.

Campus Facilities
Food Service Operations

NDU’s cafeteria is located in Lincoln Hall. The Lincoln Hall CafĂ© is open Monday through Friday, 0700-1400, in Room 1501 near the passenger elevators on the first floor. For more information call the cafeteria directly at (202) 685- 7235.

The Fort McNair Officers’ Club is located in building 60 on 2nd Avenue, three blocks west of the Marshall Hall front entrance. You can reach the Officer’s Club at (202) 685- 5800. The Officer’s Club is open Monday - Friday.

Vending machines containing snacks and beverages are located in hallways near classrooms.

Fitness and Recreation Facilities
The main fitness center is located across from the NDU Lincoln Hall parking lot. Additionally, fitness centers are also located within the Roosevelt, Eisenhower Halls.

Medical Assistance
Routine medical care for military personnel are available on post at the Fort McNair Health Clinic, Building 58, from 0630-1500; call (202) 685-3100 for an appointment. All medical sick calls are done by appointments over the phone (202) 685-3100. Physicals, immunizations, and other services can be obtained by appointment.

U.S. Post Office
A branch office is located in Building 29 ((202) 523-2144), just inside the main gate. Hours of operation are 0815-1300 and 1400-1615 Monday through Friday. The facility is closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and recognized holidays.

The Fort McNair Chapel, Building 45, is available for religious services, ceremonies, and programs. Call the Chaplain’s Office at (202) 685-2856 for further information.

Shoppette/Gas Station
The Fort McNair Shoppette/Gas Station is open to everyone from 0800-1700, every day of the week and sells snack items, beer and wine, and gasoline. The phone number for the shoppette/gas station is (202) 484-5823.

State Department Federal Credit Union
Members of the State Department Federal Credit Union may conduct their banking at the Fort McNair branch in Building 41. The Credit Union can be reached at (703) 706- 5127.

Barber/Beauty Shop
Fort McNair’s Barbershop and the Beauty Salon are located in Building 41. Hours vary; for more information, call (202) 484-2354.

There is a State Department Federal Credit Union ATM located outside the cafeteria in Lincoln Hall.

Telephone Services
In cases of emergency only, incoming calls for students should be made to the Office of Student Services during regular business hours (0700-1500). The Office of Student Services can be reached at (202) 685-6300 or DSN 325- 6300. Students will be contacted in their classrooms for emergency calls.

Dialing from University phones:

  • To dial DSN, dial 94 then the DSN number.
  • To dial a commercial number, dial 991 then the area code and number, as appropriate.
  • To dial internally within NDU, please press 685 and then the extension (ex)685-xxxx