CIC Overview

The NDU College of Information and Cyberspace (CIC) offers a wide spectrum of educational activities, services, and programs to prepare information leaders to play critical roles in national security in the Information Age. Whether in pursuit of the Master of Science, a Certificate, or a graduate level course for professional development— CIC students bring diverse perspectives to contribute to a rich and dynamic learning environment. They are motivated to learn and share knowledge, experience, and best practices. Our students are encouraged to become better leaders and decision-makers and to master the tools of lifelong learning. Students, graduates, employers, leaders, and practitioners create a global learning community to foster innovation and creativity.


The College of Information and Cyberspace educates joint warfighters, national security leaders, and the cyber workforce on the cyber domain and information environment to lead, advise, and advance national and global security. 


CIC is the premier senior national security educational institution focused on the information environment.  CIC is the desired educator of leaders who perform national and military actions within the cyberspace domain using the information instrument of national power.

Marshall Hall

Marshall Hall, the home of the NDU CIC (Fort Lesley J. McNair)