Course Registration

Where can I find a copy of the most recent College of Information and Cyberspace (CIC) Schedule of Courses?
The CIC Schedule of courses can be found on the CIC Student Registration webpage that can be accessed by clicking HERE.
When does the next semester's Schedule of Courses get posted to the website and when can I register for courses?
The Schedule of Courses for the upcoming term is typically posted on the First of the Month that Course Registration is scheduled to open. However, registration opening and closing dates can fluctuate depending on course offering dates and holidays/weekends. Below is a chart of dates that are used as a guideline when determining CIC Registration Periods each Academic Year:
Course Offerings
Schedule Posted
Registration Opens
Registration Closes
September – December
July 1
July 15
September 1
January – March
October 1
October 15
January 2
April - July
February 1
February 15
April 15
For an exact schedule of Registration Periods for this Academic Year, please refer to the CIC Student Registration webpage HERE.
I reviewed the most recent Schedule of Courses and there are no courses being offered that apply to my program's curriculum. Will I be able to take a course this coming semester?
There are several factors (ex. Faculty availability) that go into building a course schedule, and unfortunately, we may not be able to accommodate courses for all programs each semester. Please contact your Academic Advisor if you would like to see if one of the courses being offered can be substituted for one of your program requirements.
How do I withdraw from my current course(s)?
Students who wish to drop a course before the Course Start Date can do so by sending an email to the CIC Office of Student Services at Please include the Course Name, Course Number, and Section number of the course(s) you wish to withdraw from in the body of your email.
Students who wish to withdraw from a course after the Course Start Date but before 25% of the course is complete must submit a “CIC Course Withdrawal Request Form” to the CIC Office of Student Services at Please note, students who withdraw after the Course Start Date and before 25% of the course is completed with receive a “W” for the course. Students cannot withdraw from a course after 25% of that course has been completed. Students who no longer wish to participate in a course after 25% of it has been completed will receive an “F” for that course.