Returning Student Questions

I previously attended the College of Information and Cyberspace (CIC) and would like to re-enroll. Do I need to submit a new application for admission?
Any student who requested withdrawal, was administratively withdrawn, or successfully graduated from a CIC program and wishes to be reinstated must re-apply following the CIC’s regular application process. The CIC accepts applications electronically. Instructions on how to create an admissions account and provide an application can be found HERE. For detailed information on what documents are required by program type please visit our website HERE.
Does the CIC allow Alumni to audit its courses?
The CIC does not offer courses for audit. All CIC courses must be taken for graduate credit, which means all students are required to be admitted to a program prior to registering for a course. The CIC offers a Non-Program Seeking option for students who wish to enroll in CIC courses for professional development. The non-program seeking status allows students who meet College of Information and Cyberspace program eligibility requirements to enroll in courses without declaring an intent to complete a particular CIC program. Students may take up to 9 credits before they must select a program or be withdrawn from the CIC.