Mr. Frank Nuno

Assistant Professor

WWI Military History, Information Warfare,

Terrorism and Crime in Cyberspace

Areas of Interest:

Information warfare, terrorism, crime in cyberspace 

Geronimo “Frank” Nuño is an Assistant Professor in the NDU CIC CS&I department.  Recently retired from the US Navy, Professor Nuño’s final tour was on the Navy Staff at OPNAV N09D as the Executive Assistant to the Navy’s Chief Digital Transformation Officer.  Professor Nuño earned a BA in History from University of California, Los Angeles, MS in Information and Telecommunication Systems, from Johns Hopkins University and a Master of Military Arts and Science in Military History from the Army Command and General Staff College.  He is currently pursuing a PhD in War Studies from the Royal Military College of Canada.  

He trained as a Naval Flight Officer in nuclear command and control and served with the "Ironmen" of VQ-3 and the "Shadows" of VQ-4, and onboard USS NIMITZ and USS JOHN C. STENNIS.  He has also served tours at the National Security Agency and the Defense Intelligence Agency. 

Previously, as a member of the NDU CIC military faculty from 2016-2020, Professor Nuño was course director for Cyber Terrorism and Cyber Crime, Cyber Intelligence, and served on numerous teaching teams including Continuity of Operations, and Critical Information Infrastructure Protection.  In addition, he served as the NDU CIC faculty representative to United States Cyber Command and served as Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs in 2020.