Dr. Linda Baughman

Director of Institutional Research

Authentic Assessment, Universal Design for Learning, Critical Theory, Cultural Studies

Areas of interest: Authentic Assessment, Universal Design for Learning, critical theory, cultural studies.

With over twenty-five years’ experience as a college professor and a PhD from the University of Illinois Institute for Communications Research, Linda is please to be joining the NDU as the IR Director for the College of Information and Cyberspace. Her PhD focuses how communities come to know the world, (how they define and understand important elements of their world: women, recycling, baseball fields). Specifically, she is interested in how “what we know” influences “what we do.” 

She has taught courses in cultural studies, critical theory, popular culture, research and methods, writing, and sexuality, (she once taught a first-year student course on The Simpson’s and Philosophy).

Improving the assessment process and its relationship to student learning is Linda’s current focus. Working with faculty to create meaningful assessments is central to her work as the Director of IR. She is excited about working on a bottom-up construction of SOPs for assessment at the CIC. In short, a classic nerd.

Selected Publications:

Editor: Grossberg, Lawrence, Cary Nelson, and Paula Treuchler, eds. (with assistance by Linda Baughman and Greg Wise). Cultural Studies. New York: Routledge, 1992.


Linda Baughman. "Getting us a Little Further Down the Road." The Popular Culture Studies Journal 2.1 (2014)

Wood, Megan and Linda Baughman. “The Transmedia Impulse: A look at Social Media and Television Studies,” Communication Studies 63.3 (July/August 2012). 

Meyer, Michaela and Linda Baughman. “Examining Relational Aggression.” In J. Manning, C. Noland, & J. MacLennan (Eds.), Case Studies of Communication about Sex. Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars, 2010. 164-171.