Mr. James Churbuck

Associate Professor of Practice

Cyber Deterrence, Autonomous Systems,

Disinformation and Influence, Arms Control Norms

Areas of Interest:

Autonomous systems, disinformation and influence, arms control norms

Academic Credentials:

B.S., U.S. Naval Academy
M.S., Industrial College of the Armed Forces

Relevant Professional Experience: 

Mr. Churbuck served as a Joint Staff Political-Military Planner, Combating Weapons of Mass Destruction Division, Deputy Director, War on Terrorism. He provided military advice to the National Security Council in formulating U.S. Policy on WMD treaties and non-proliferation regimes and represented the Joint Staff on U.S. Delegations to the United Nations, International Atomic Energy Agency, Organization for the Prevention of Chemical Weapons, and to the Biological Weapons Convention. He is practiced in Operational Risk Management, having implemented the start of a formal ORM program in the early 90s. He also has extensive experience as an information systems officer and as a contingency planner.



Mr. Churbuck has a longstanding interest in crafting national security policy, critical infrastructures, and cyber security. Because of the implications on public policy as well as his fascination with the underlying engineering, he actively tracks emerging technologies with emphasis on mobile converged devices and on geo-location services.


Information Assurance and Critical Infrastructure Protection (AII)
Approval to Operate (ATO)
Continuity of Operations (COO)
Enterprise Security and Risk Management (ESS)


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