James Kasprzak

Cyber Security Department

Academic Credentials: 
B.S., Canisius College 
Ph.D., Loyola University

U.S. Army Command and General Staff College; Air War College; Advanced Management Program, iCollege

Relevant Professional Experience: 
Prior to teaching at NDU, Dr. Kasprzak spent twenty years in a series of information resource management policy and planning assignments in the Army.  He was awarded the United States Army’s Civilian Meritorious Service Medal for “Saving the Army 100 million dollars by automating its administrative information systems.”

Dr. Kasprzak specializes in applications of infrastructure technology, privacy and access, and continuity of operations. Recent publications include “Women and the Web: an Update,” “The Prudent CIO and the Pandemic,” and “The Identity Theft Nightmare.” He has presented widely on issues related to identity theft, privacy, and continuity of operations.

Continuity of Operations (COO)
Global Enterprise Networking and Telecommunications (GEN)
Privacy Rights and Civil Liberties in the Information Age (SPA)