CDR David DiTallo

Cyber Leadership Department

Academic Credentials: 
B.S. The Ohio State University 
M.A. (with Distinction) U.S. Naval War College 

Relevant Professional Experience: 
CDR Di Tallo was a Federal Executive Fellow to Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Security Studies Program from 2005-2006, conducting independent research in U.S. national security policy, strategy, and force planning and was awarded a sub-specialty designation in Political-Military Affairs. Following this assignment, he was hand-picked for the personal staff of two Chiefs of Naval Operations (CNO) in Washington, DC, where he conducted national security research studies on behalf of the CNO Executive Panel, a thirty-member Federal Advisory Committee from 2006 to 2010. Arriving at NDU in May 2010, CDR Di Tallo served in NDU’s Center for Applied Strategic Learning (CASL) from 2010-2013, designing table-top games and exercises for NDU colleges and the Office of the Undersecretary of Defense (Policy). Prior to reporting to iCollege, he completed the Joint and Combined Warfighting School (JPME Phase II) at Joint Forces Staff College in Norfolk, VA. and was designated at Joint Qualified Officer. 

As a Political-Military Affairs sub-specialist, CDR Di Tallo researched and analyzed strategic options concerning the Middle East, Healthcare, Africa, Irregular Warfare, and Manpower. While at CASL, he developed exercises on such diverse topics as Central American Violence, Post-Arab Spring Middle East/North Africa, Global Financial Crises, Cyberspace, Critical Infrastructure, Shocks to U.S.-Turkish Bilateral and Regional Relations, U.S. Strategic Interests in the Caspian Sea Region, and U.S.-Brazilian Strategic Dialog. CDR Di Tallo also focused on national security decision making and interagency implementation. 

Cyber Intelligence (CYI) 
Continuity of Operations (COO) 
Cyber Supply Chain Security (SAC)