Cathryn Downes Ph.D

Academic Credentials: 

B.A., University of Auckland (New Zealand) 
M.A., University of Lancaster (UK)
Ph.D., University of Lancaster (UK)

Relevant Professional Experience: 

Dr. Downes served thirteen years as a member of the New Zealand Defence Force, completing service as SES-1 as the Military Policy Development Adviser to the Chief of the Defence Force.  In her academic career, she served twelve years as a research academic scholar, with appointments at Harvard University’s Center for International Affairs, the University of Melbourne Australia, and the Strategic and Defense Studies Center, Australian National University.


Dr. Downes has published and presented widely during her academic career. Her research and recent publications have focused inter-agency collaboration at the strategic level, clarifying the concepts and space of strategic thinking and decision-making, unintentional militarism and civil-military relations in complex, national security wicked problems, innovations in E-Learning 2.0 for graduate-level education.


Global Strategic Landscape (GLS)
Multi-Agency Collaboration (MAC) 
Strategies for Process Improvement (PRI)

Defense Transformations (DTF)
Netcentric Warfare and Operations (NCW)