Stephen Lowe Ph.D

CIO Department

Academic Credentials:

B.S., James Madison University 
M.P.A, Virginia Tech
M.S.M.I.T., University of Virginia
Ph.D., University of Glasgow
Presidio Institute Cross Sector Leadership Fellows Program

Relevant Professional Experience: 

Dr. Lowe is the Visiting Faculty Chair from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.  He has 28 years of public service, including the Department of the Navy, Department of Housing and Urban Development, Library of Congress Congressional Research Service, and the Department of Agriculture.  Dr. Lowe also served the Executive Office of President with the Office of Management and Budget and the Office of Science and Technology Policy, where he provided new initiative innovation, solution implementation, and policy and program leadership in federal government-wide enterprise architecture, IT portfolio management, geospatial visualization and analytics, and participatory governance crowdsourcing and citizen science.


Dr. Lowe’s research examines strategic management questions from the perspective of strategy-as-practice, and includes empirical studies in the areas of collective innovation, improvisation, human-centered design, knowledge engineering, and the spatiality of strategy.


CIO2.0 Roles and Responsibilities (6303)


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