Cyber Beacon 2019

Cyber Beacon is the flagship event of the National Defense University's College of Information and Cyberspace (NDU CIC). The conference brings together experts and leaders from across the national security community, private sector, and academia to discuss the most pressing problems concerning cyberspace, information, and national security. The 2020 conference is scheduled for 9-10 September.

The 2019 conference theme was "preparing for disruption" and there were seven sessions; terrorism and cyberspace, information and disinformation, cyber education, quantum, artificial intelligence, 5G, and the cutting edge. It was held 13-14 November 2019 at the NDU campus on Fort McNair in Washington, DC.

Attendance was by invitation only and space limited. While the conference was unclassified, there were optional classified breakout sessions during lunch with led by National Security Council personnel. Information about past Cyber Beacon conferences can be found on this site. Event pictures can be found here.

Organizations represented included: