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News | June 15, 2013

DoD CIO’s 14th International Cyber Defense Workshop (ICDW), 10 - 14 June 2013

By Patricia Coopersmith

On June 10 & 11, 2013, Gil Duvall, (Engr., CISSP-ISSEP, CISM) Chair of the Cyber Information & Integrated Operations Department, National Defense University iCollege presented a webinar entitled, “The ART of Cyber Security - Educating Cyber Warriors in a Strategy for Cyber Conflict & Asymmetric Warfare” to the DoD CIO’s 14th International Cyber Defense Workshop (ICDW). Over 250 individuals from 20 countries registered for the workshop.

The ‘ART of Cybersecurity Strategy’ examines the role Attribution, Rules-of-Engagement, and Trust Relationships play in the critical thought process for military commanders and senior government officials to establish cyberspace dominance as ‘strategic art’ for the 21st Century. This concept works on the synergistic capacities of information and knowledge principles; technology use and innovation; command & control decision making; and transnational policies to define, use, and defend the cyberspace domain. More than just technology, it defines the essential role of leadership in a cyberspace strategy. The workshop examined how national priorities and functions of government influence conventional military strategy and how conventional military strategy must adapt for operations in cyberspace. A case study of strategy planning in USCYBERCOM was presented as well as the role modeling & simulation plays in cyber strategy development.

The ICDW helps facilitate international cyber security partnering between the U.S., its allies, and coalition partners. Held twice annually by the DoD CIO, it is an education and awareness activity for military cyber security practitioners to build technical skills and provides an opportunity for registrants to collaborate with global partners with the common mission to advance the cyber workforce and mitigate cyber threats. Cyber security professionals from academia, industry, and government act as virtual instructors in global locations to deliver unclassified cyber scenarios and scored attack & defend exercises in the areas of computer network defense, incident response, digital forensics, and cyber strategy formulation & development.