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News | June 1, 2012

National Security, Military, and Cybersecurity Experts meet about Installation Platform Information Technology

By Patricia Coopersmith

Approximately 50 people from the military and various national security agencies met on May 30-31, 2012, at the National Defense University (NDU) iCollege to advance the cyber security of control systems at military and government facilities worldwide.

The meeting was convened by the Department of Defense (DoD) Under Secretary of Defense for Installations& Environments Office of Business Enterprise Integration, led by Mr. Michael Aimone, PE. The focus of the meeting centered on a cross pollination of efforts to secure the cyber components of industrial control, building control, and electronic security systems, known collectively as Installation Platform Information Technology (I-PIT), that reside on military installations and at other government locations.

Presentations included: Threat & vulnerability spectrum, research, education & training, control system certification & accreditation, and device-up-through-regional level intrusion monitoring of control networks. Participants worked together to produce templates drawn from the National Institute of Science and Technology's Guide 800-53, "Recommended Security Controls for Federal Information Systems" to be applied to control systems.

Thanks to Dr. John Saunders, Cyber Integration & Information Operations Department, NDU iCollege, for facilitating the meeting.