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News | Nov. 24, 2014

Faculty Discusses Cyber Intel at DIA Analytic Workshop

By Patricia Coopersmith iCollege

iCollege Cyber Intelligence course manager David J. Di Tallo (CDR, USN) recently discussed the college's newest offering in the NDU iCollege Cyber Leadership program at the Defense Intelligence Agency's November 6, 2014 "Five Eyes Analytic Training Workshop" in Arlington, VA.  Professor Di Tallo discussed his course and how it prepares cyber leaders to make strategic decisions as both enablers and consumers of cyber intelligence.  

Here is an excerpt from the article:  
CDR Di Tallo from National Defense University, focused on presenting Cyber Intelligence as part of a broader intelligence enterprise, relating Cyber Intelligence to other disciplines found in the intel community. He argued that “Cyber Intelligence is no different than any other intelligence discipline” and noted that it, “it accomplishes the two main goals of intelligence, it helps inform decision makers and avoid strategic surprise”. CDR Di Tallo further referenced the Cyber Intelligence definition from the DNI’s Strategy, and emphasized its use for strategic level policy makers. In response to an audience question on whether to take IT personnel and train them in analytics or take analysts and train them in cyber/IT, CDR Di Tallo responded that it was more efficient to have a mixture of both. This issue was debated throughout the workshop, with Dr. Reid positing an anecdotal remark that NSA had better success training analysts in a cyber-skillset.  Click here for the complete story:


The next iCollege offering of Cyber Intelligence (CYI 6232) is scheduled for Feb 23 to 27, 2015 in eResident format.  Questions about CYI can be directed to  

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