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News | May 29, 2015

Academic Partner MST Offers Advanced Security Class for iCollege Students/Grads

One of the iCollege's more than 30 academic partner universities, Missouri University of Science and Technology (MST), is offering an online advanced security class for iCollege students and graduates starting this fall.  Please see the below link and information for details.  

Here’s the link:

CS 6600 - The course presents various vulnerabilities and threats to information in cyberspace and the principles and techniques for preventing and detecting threats, and recovering from attacks. The course deals with various aspects and layers of security with concentration in formal models of application-level security. A course project using model checking will be used to illustrate theoretical concepts on model problems. In particular, we will create a set of “challenge applications” that involve both Cyber and Physical components (A Cyber Physical System) and model the information flow in these systems using formal models.

Please direct questions to the iCollege Academic Partner Coordinator at .