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News | June 10, 2015

Professor Kasprzak Speaks at International Event

iCollege professor Jim Kasprzak recently attended and was the Keynote Speaker at the 16th annual IS2 (Information Security) conference in Prague, Czech Republic.  Professor Kasprzak spoke on human reactions to disasters and improving the survivability of human beings in emergency situations, with information based upon recent neuroscience studies and the NIST report on human responses inside the World Trade Center during 9/11. 

The conference was attended by two of Czech cabinet members and representatives from the Czech Ministries of Finance and Defense. The presentations were translated into German, Czech and English as required. The conference agenda is online at

Before the conference, Prof Kasprzak was interviewed by a team of reporters from the Financial Times (Hospodarske Noviny) of the Czech Republic, which published the interview, available in print and online at:

An additional article from Data Security Magazine, a Czech IT journal, will be forthcoming.  Please direct any inquiries to the iCollege Director of Outreach at  Thank you.