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News | July 7, 2015

Advanced Management Program becomes CIO LDP

AMP49 Graduates
AMP Graduates (class 49)

iCollege Advanced Management Program BECOMES the new CIO Leadership Development Program


Over the last 25 years, the Information Resources Management College (IRMC/iCollege) has conducted 50 offerings of its highly regarded Advanced Management Program (AMP).  This 14-week, resident program provided a concentrated and intense education in a full range of Chief Information Officer (CIO) competencies including policy and organization, leadership and human capital management, process and change management, information resources strategy and planning, cyber security, critical infrastructure protection, information and knowledge management, and more – all underpinned by a focus on critical and strategic thinking.  The AMP met great acclaim from graduates and from their parent organizations. 


But AMP is no more!  Beginning in the fall of 2015, the AMP curriculum has been fine-tuned and honed to be the initial offering of the new iCollege Leadership Development Program (LDP).  In this first offering, the focus will be on specific CIO competencies.  However, the curriculum has been shaped to allow for other concentration areas in the future.  This year you will see the CIO LDP.  In future years, it will be possible to see a Cybersecurity LDP or, in conjunction with the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Academy, a CFO LDP.  The new program provides flexibility for the future while maintaining the standard of excellence set by the AMP.

Please continue to watch the iCollege website and refer to the Academics tab for detailed information and application dates.

Questions can be directed to the CIO LDP Director at  General questions can also be directed to the iCollege Office of Student Services (OSS) at or 202-685-6300.