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News | July 13, 2015

EA Certificate Ceases New Applications on Sept 30, 2015

iCollege Enterprise Architecture Certificate Program Sunset Plan Notification

The iCollege Enterprise Architecture (EA) Certificate Program, which includes the Architect and Enterprise Architecture certificates, will cease accepting new applications as of September 30, 2015 and has entered a teach-out mode.  For those students who are currently enrolled one or both of the EA certificates the iCollege will offer courses in the EA Certificate Program through the conclusion of AY 2017/18.

The iCollege will no longer offer the Defense Enterprise Architecture (DAC), Modeling for Enterprise Architecture (MEA), and Planning and Managing Enterprise Architecture Programs (PMA) courses after  June 30, 2017.  The iCollege encourages students in the EA Certificate Program to complete the core courses in the Architect and Enterprise Architect certificates before the conclusion of AY 2017/18.

Questions should be directed to the iCollege Office of Student Services at or 202-685-6300.