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News | Nov. 4, 2015

Online Admissions Process Now Available!

iCollege Online Admissions Process - now available for new and existing students

After a technology upgrade at NDU, the iCollege is now using an online process for admissions with the Tk20 suite. In order to apply to any of the programs at the college, you will need to create an admissions account.  Go to: .  

Below are the detailed steps, but please contact the iCollege Office of Student Services at or 202-685-6300 with any questions.  

Create an Admissions Account
Click on the Admissions tab located on the right side of your login page.
1. Click on the link: Click here to create your account.
2. Complete any fields indicated by an asterisk (*) and the CAPTCHA (fill in the word) as directed, then click on Create My Account.
3. Once you have created an account, your username and password will be provided on the login page.
4. Enter your password, then click on “Login”.

Create an Admissions Application
1. Login using your admission account username and password, then click on Create New Application.
2. Select the application you wish to complete from the drop down menu, then click on “Continue”.
3. You will see general information and if applicable any checklist items that are required. Click on “Next” to continue to the next page and complete the application.
    a. All fields with an asterisk (*) must be filled in before the system will let you submit.
    b. If you are required to attach a file, click on the Select files button to search for a file(s) on your computer, or drag and drop in the indicated area. To remove the file, click the next         to that file.
4. Click on Next when ready to proceed to the next page.
5. Once you reach the last page of the application you will see multiple options:
    a. Back: return to the previous page
    b. Save Changes and Exit: save work and return at a later time
    c. Submit Application Now: submit the application for review
    d. Cancel: exit the application without saving any changes

Return to a Saved Application
1. Login using your admission account username and password.
2. Select the name of the application you wish to edit from the list of those created.
3. When finished editing, click Save Changes and Exit or Submit Application Now.
Note: If an application has a by it, the application has been submitted and will need to be recalled or reopened for editing by an administrator.

Recall a Submitted Application
If you need to make a change to a submitted application, you can recall it unless the application review has begun.
1. Login to your server and locate the Applications section in the middle of the screen to display a list of all application forms you have created.
2. Click on the name of the application you wish to recall > Click on the link.
3. Click the Recall button on the upper right-hand area of the screen.
4. Click on Save or Submit when you have completed making the changes.
Note: If you are unable to recall your application, you will need to contact an administrator for help in reopening your application for editing.

Viewing Reviewed Admissions Applications
(Student Perspective)
Once your admission application has been reviewed an automatic notification will be sent to the email you entered when creating your admissions account.