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News | Feb. 8, 2016

Revised Schedule for Spring/Summer - Several Courses Cancelled

The college is currently undergoing a strategic reflection to more efficiently and effectively deliver content to its students and stakeholders. This effort requires cancellation of many of our late spring and summer sections. Students have been notified and informed on the next sections available.

The following sections have been cancelled: 

ARC Section 07 (DL)

COO Section 05 (DL)

CYI Section 05 (DL)

IPC Section 02 (DL)

IPL Section 04 (DL)

ITP Section 07 (DL)

PRI Section 02 (DL)

RIA Section 03 (DL)

SPB Section 07 (DL)

WGV Section 04 (DL)

COO Section 06 (eRes)

ATO Section 04 (eRes)

IPC Section 03 (eRes)

MAC Section 06 (eRes)

TCC Section 02 (eRes)

AII Section 06 (eRes)

CBL Section 04 (eRes)

LDC Section 06 (eRes)

Please refer to the revised March-June 2016 schedule for specifics and other course options.  

For any questions, please contact the Office of Student Services at 202-685-6300 or