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News | Aug. 10, 2016

Welcome to Senior Service College and CIO LDP Students

The iCollege is pleased to welcome the 2016-17 academic year Senior Service College (JPME II) students and the CIO Leadership Development cohort.  

On Monday, August 8, the 10-month SSC/JPME program began semester classes with a diverse group of military and civilian students. The NDU iCollege provides a Joint Professional Military Education (JPME) Phase II curriculum that produces national security leaders and advisors who develop the strategies and the  necessary doctrine to successfully leverage information and cyberspace operations within the broader national security framework. The college's JPME curriculum focuses on the information/cyberspace instrument of national security. It provides graduate-level education to senior military and civilian leaders with an emphasis on the military, government, and private sector dimensions of information/cyberspace as a critical component of national security strategy. The iCollege program concentrates on developing the habits of mind, conceptual foundations, and cognitive faculties graduates will need at their highest level of strategic responsibility. Students will graduate with a Master's Degree in June 2017. More information can be found at: 

On Wednesday, August 10, the Chief Information Officer Leadership Development Program (CIO LDP), formerly the Advanced Management Program (AMP) began, welcoming a group of DoD and other Federal Government employees, and five international officers from Romania, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Oman, and Ukraine. The CIO LDP is a multi-week, resident program where students discuss CIO competencies, teambuilding skills, leadership roles, and lessons from domestic field studies, while completing the Chief Information Officer Certificate Program. The CIO LDP is the iCollege’s flagship resident program for rising senior-level managers and leaders responsible for promoting and attaining national and international security goals through the strategic use of information and information technology. More information can be found on the Academics page of the college's website at:

For more information or answers to questions, please contact the iCollege Office of Student Services at or 202-685-6300.