CIO - CIO 2.0: Roles and Responsiblites

Students examine the essential analytic, relational, technological, and leadership competencies that government CIOs and their staffs need to respond to and shape the 21st Century environment. Students assess the high information and IT demands of customers; examine the potential and perils of ubiquitous technology and information saturation; and weigh the tradeoffs of resource constraints, legal and policy mandates, and security in an open environment. The dynamic and multi-dimensional roles and responsibilities of government CIOs and their staffs are scrutinized to assess opportunities and challenges for improving governance, resource management, and decision making. Students analyze critical internal (CTO, CFO, Commander, Agency Head, Operations Chiefs) and external (other governmental agencies, OMB, Congress, and the private sector) relationships that CIOs and their staffs need to foster in order to satisfy their mission-related, legal, organizational, and political mandates.