UC2 RFI Solicitation Process

Topic Dissemination: Twice each year (once in the spring and fall), the DoD UC2 disseminates RFIs on two cyber technology topics to the greater academic community. Members of the UC2 Advisory Council lead the effort of identifying the topic areas for the RFIs and selecting the best responses.

Assessment of Submissions: As part of the UC2’s RFI collection and evaluation process, a panel of judges from various DoD agencies, the Joint Staff J6 and J7, the military services’ research laboratories, and military educational institutions is selected to assess the best responses using a rubric developed by the NSA National Centers of Academic Excellence Program Management Office. Members of this office train the judges on best practices and incorporation of the rubric to guide the evaluations.         

Workshop Presentations: After the responses have been collected and reviewed, the authors of the top three submissions for each topic (six total) are invited to present their research at a DoD UC2 Workshop held at the National Defense University in Washington, D.C. If the most promising RFI responses are judged to warrant investment, and should funding become available, a solicitation may potentially be offered.